The perfect team — a unique blend of creative and technical skills to bring your ideas to reality.


David Heath, Managing Director

David is the main technical developer for Bear Creek Consulting LLC.  He develops all of the mobile apps for IOS and Android.  He also develops any of the needed back end systems including websites.  

David is also one of the prop masters in the prop shop.  He mainly specializes in creating prop weapons from grenades to swords, to resin casts of firearms.

Susan Heath, Doll Expert

Susan's main focus is on ball jointed dolls and the accessories for them.  She specializes in making to scale realistic items for the ball jointed doll owner.  If you are looking for that one special accessory for your doll Susan is the person to talk to.  Susan is also one of the prop masters of the prop shop.  She specializes in making armor and sewn clothing for costumes.